The Lowry lion

Originally donated in 1970 by J. Tyke Nollman in memory of David A. Lowry, a fierce competitor and avid sportsman, the “Lowry Lion” is awarded each year to the member of the Chicago Lions Rugby Football Club selected by the membership as having made the greatest contribution to the club through efforts both on and off the field for the well being of the club. The recipient is the guardian of a traveling solid gold lion head pin for one year at which time the pin is passed on in exchange for an inscribed Lowry Lion statuette.

Starting in 2014, the Lowry Lion was awarded annually to the person (member/non member) deemed by the Chicago Lions Charitable Association (CLCA) as having done the most for the Chicago Lions Rugby Football Club in fostering the mission of the CLCA. Leadership, effort and contribution will combine to meet the criteria to receive the annual award which will continue as originally set forth building tradition and benefit to the Chicago Lions Rugby Football Club.

  • 1970: Dick Smith
  • 1971: Bill Dawson
  • 1972: Mike King
  • 1973: J. “Tyke” Nollman
  • 1974: Bob Avery
  • 1975: Tim Lynch
  • 1976: Rich Joseph
  • 1977: David Hall
  • 1978: Gary Wilson
  • 1979: Chuck Pfau
  • 1980: Gert Grobler
  • 1981: Ed Kane
  • 1982: Ed Harding
  • 1983: Ray Dempsey
  • 1984: Paul Bergman
  • 1985: John Kofod
  • 1986: Greg Downes
  • 1987: Nick Federenko
  • 1988: Vinnie LaPiana
  • 1989: Steve Taft
  • 1990: Steve Mitchell
  • 1991: Ralph Wartell
  • 1992: Dan Halm
  • 1993: Pat Bolger
  • 1994: Tim Grossnickle
  • 1995: Tristan Lewis
  • 1996: Mark Kaufman
  • 1997: Paul Mycroft
  • 1998: Bob Bloomfield
  • 1999: John Chevalier
  • 2000: Vilas Allen
  • 2001: Mike Palmer
  • 2002: Pat Graf
  • 2003: Doug Andrews
  • 2004: John Ehresman
  • 2018: Pat Bolger
  • 2019: Tony Rio

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