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Paul Bergman
Kruger van Biljon
Andre Blom
Bob Bloomfield
Christopher Brankin
Austin Britts
Edmond Cassidy
John Chevalier
Joel Cohen
Josh Cocking
David Cromie
Nolan Day
Mathew DeGutes
Kevin Drewyer
Phillip “Thabu” Eloff
Mark Flores

Evan Haim
David Hall
Ed Harding
Mike Harriett
Roy Hays
James Henry
Richard Hughes
Elliot Hershik
Dan Kirk
Vinnie LaPiana
Robert MacArthur
Chris McClellan
Allie Movrich
Paul Mycroft
Ryan Nelson

Paul O’Connor
Phil Olson
Paul Passino
Paul Pauluzzi
Jim Pelton
George Plackmann
Bruce Reinwald
Ed Rumble
Matthew Schmitz
Jeff Simon
Kim Smith
Luke Thiem
Mark Wilcox

Lions DenThe Chicago Lions Den is a way for alumni, other former rugby players and fans to support Chicago Lions Rugby programs. The recurring donation program mainly funds coaching and recruiting for the Men’s and Women’s program and support of our youth rugby program.

Please join the Lions Den to help the Chicago Lions continue to be one of the premier rugby organizations in the country. We have designed a donation program that can be on a monthly or yearly basis:

  • $25 monthly or $300 yearly: receive a Lions cap.
  • $50 monthly or $600 yearly: receive a Lions polo shirt or a cap.
  • $75 monthly or $900 yearly: receive a Lions cap & polo, or pullover.
  • $100 monthly or $1,200 yearly: receive a rain jacket or hat & pullover!
  • $250 monthly or $1,200 yearly: pick items that you want.
  • $500 monthly or $6,000 yearly: pick items that you want.
  • $1,000 monthly or $12,000 yearly: pick items that you want.

As the Lions Den grows so will the strength of the Chicago Lions and rugby in Chicago. We welcome and always appreciate your continued support.

Please contact clca [at] chicagolions [dot] com for specific details regarding the Lions Den, recurring donation program, or any single donation listed above.

Make a Single Donation

Please support the Chicago Lions Charitable Association so that we can foster and promote amateur rugby sports competition more broadly among the general populations. Through this multi-generational charitable approach, the CLCA can promote healthy physical activities in a competitive environment, thereby producing better citizens in Chicago and beyond.


To build athletic fields and develop programs for the children of Chicago’s North Lawndale and East Garfield Park communities. Through rugby and other sports, we will expand life opportunities for the area youth to increase their social capital. This project is to not only enhance the community but also to give children a safe haven in the neighborhood.


The Lions for Hope Sports Complex will provide a safe place for the community to gather. Athletic fields will provide at-risk children the opportunity to participate in a variety of sports and extracurricular activities within their own community. Athletics and education come together by forming partnerships with local schools and community organizations to provide mentoring programs that encourage children to stay in school.

We will accomplish this by:

  • Continuing our successful partnership with Chicago Hope Academy
  • Providing a facility for the Noble Charter Schools and other Chicago Public Schools for their outdoor athletics
  • Partnering with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Chicagoland area
  • Providing a safe haven for youth in the neighborhood
  • Offering summer and holiday camps/activities to provide safe alternatives to gangs and violence
  • Developing a mentor program by partnering with existing programs and utilizing the CLCA network
  • Develop a grassroots rugby pathway for the surrounding community headed by the Chicago Lions’ Director of Youth Rugby
  • Dome revenues will guarantee the self-sufficiency of the complex and reduce reliance on annual fundraising
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