Award Winners

We celebrated our 54th Annual Banquet on February 24th, 2018, at Maggianos in Chicago! We had over 100 players, alumni, friends, and supporters in attendance. It was an historic night as this was the first time we gave awards for men’s and women’s 7s besides the traditional XVs awards.

Pat Bolger won the Lowry Lion for his dedication to the Lions. Unfortunately, Pat missed the banquet and we will be having a celebration on April 20th. The other award winners were:

  • Player of the Year: Dave Whitney
  • New Lion: Jake Hidalgo
  • Most Improved: Jose Salazar
  • Coaches Award: Phil Spagnolo
  • Lame Lion: Harry Deck
  • Men’s 7s Player of the Year: Nick Feakes
  • Women’s 7s Player of the Year: Sarah Kish
  • Women’s 7s New Lion: Katie Lank
  • Women’s 7s Coaches Award: Nickey Edgcomb
  • Lowry Lion: Pat Bolger

This event was open to significant others as well as guests and supporters.

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