Its that time of year again, yes, the time of year when practice and workout intensity are at a maximum in preparation for the Lions’ Rugby Super League season.  This is the culmination of the past year’s body of work, from summer workouts, to sevens, to a successful fall D1 season, all leading up to having the strongest Super League side the Lions can field.  With the help of Chris Gizzi’s strength and conditioning contributions, and a roster boasting over 40 active participants, the Lions look to be in pretty good shape, to say the least.  However, not all of the contributions for a successful season come on field.  Oh no, this is also the time of year when the behind the scenes action is in full effect, giving fans and friends of the team the opportunity to make an impact.  With three full, competitive sides (Sevens, D1, and Super League), the opportunity sponsor the team couldn’t have a bigger impact, and with multiple mediums to advertise through, the opportunity cannot be overlooked. Sponsoring the Lions not only gives businesses and contributors’ an association with one of the country’s most prominent rugby clubs, but also valuable exposure to our local Chicago market, a midwest regional market, as well as a national market with our Super League schedule. In addition, the Lions have a growing partnership with Hope Academy, which is a private, non-denominational Christian high-school for urban youth. Through this partnership, Hope Academy and the Chicago Lions are bring the game of rugby to the inner-city, so contributions benefit them, as well as associate your name and business with a non-profit organization that is making a difference in a big way.

One way to get your message out is through the Lion’s Media Guide.  Considered a keepsake and a current view into the Lions’ world, the Media Guide includes a history of the team, a full playing roster, articles on the happenings of the club and the players, and much more presented in a visually dynamic, entertaining, and tangible format. The reach of the Media Guide is perfect for local businesses.  It’s available at all home dates, where three games in a day create an entire rugby event that draws crowds of successful alumni and their families, other sponsors, as well as legions of fans for all of the teams in attendance. Currently, the 2011 Media Guide is being assembled, and there is plenty of space for businesses and fans alike to advertise.

Sponsoring the Lions and advertising in the Media Guide is an extremely affordable way to get your name out and to be associated with one of the premier rugby clubs in America.  There are two ways to advertise in the Media Guide; the first and most commonly used method is through purchasing ad space on dedicated ad pages. This space comes in four sizes, full page, half page, quarter page, and business card size. The second method allows you to become a Title Sponsor. Through the Title Sponsorship package, your brand or company logo appears within the content of the Media Guide, (i.e. The Chicago Lions 2011 Roster presented by *your logo here*). With this method, your partnership with the Lions is solidified, and your company’s image is directly correlated with the team’s.

Below are rates for Sponsoring the Lions in the 2011 Media Guide:

If you would like to take advantage of this chance to sponsor the Lions, and advertise in the Media Guide please contact the following people:

Keith Brown – Club President – kbrown [at] klaff [dot] com

Dennis O’Donnell – Director of Communications – dfodonnell3 [at] gmail [dot] com

Matt Priest – Media Guide Designer, Graphic Artist – mattpriest23 [at] gmail [dot] com

For Title Sponsorship inquiries concerning available pages to advertise on, contact Matt Priest.