Division 1

Midwest champions team

Founded in 1964 and set to celebrate 50 years of mud, boots and glory, Chicago Lions Rugby has been one of the top rugby clubs in the country, producing champion players and champion teams.

In 2009, Chicago Lions Rugby became the only rugby club in the Midwest to field teams in each of the three highest levels of competition. The club had been a staple of the Rugby Super League and Men’s Club 7’s for many years, but fall 2009 marked the first season of competition for the Lions in Division 1 play, in addition to those two leagues.

Coach slideEvery player, coach, and supporter associated with the Lions jumped at the opportunity to compete with other top-quality Midwest clubs in the fall of 2009. With Division 1 play, there is a structured, competitive league format to participate in, which instantly provides much needed experience and game time for young, hungry players on the team. Naturally, the fall training sessions became a little more focused, a little more competitive among teammates, and ultimately, a little more efficient toward achieving the goal of increasing the overall quality of the Lions as a direct result of playing in this league.

The benefits of fielding a Division 1 team in addition to the Lions’ Rugby Super League and Club 7s teams are undeniable:

  • It provides invaluable playing experience against top-flight competition for those Lions who are younger and/or on the cusp of reaching Super League status
  • It allows all of our players to improve their skill-set and grow their knowledge of the game while gaining exposure to a fast, physical style of play
  • Participating in a league environment without having to travel too extensively is great way for players who are new to the team to become accustomed to the Lions’ culture and game plan
  • Players of any skill level can find a home with the Lions, learning the game of rugby with teammates containing the entire spectrum of skill and playing experience

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