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Chicago Hope Academy Eagles

Chicago Hope Academy Eagles

Chicago Hope Academy, a private Christian high school serving predominately minority students in the inner city, was founded in 2005 by Bob Muzikowski, a former Columbia University and Old Blue NY flanker.

Hope Academy is a co-ed, non-denominational college and life preparatory school dedicated to nurturing and challenging the whole person – body, mind and spirit. Hope Academy is committed to developing not only sound minds but sound bodies as well.

There are about 180 students in this 4-year program and 85% are minorities. The athletic programs seek to serve the students and the larger community through teaching the values of teamwork, discipline, sacrifice, sportsmanship and perseverance.


In 2009, Chicago Hope Academy and Chicago Lions Rugby entered into a unique, mutually-beneficial partnership in ordered to further develop the sport of rugby in Chicago. This partnership has provided the Lions with a home field and clubhouse in the inner city of Chicago, while producing financial support and developing a rugby program for Hope Academy. Lastly, the partnership has produced a safe and substantial location to develop all levels of rugby, from youth to Division 1.

Recently, Hope has found success on the rugby pitch despite being such a young club. Coached by Kevin Drewyer and Flavian Prince, with the help of various Lions over the past years, Hope went 5-1 during the regular season and won 20 – 5 in the state semi-finals.

The Lions are confident that the Hope Rugby Program will be an asset, providing young athletes to feed into our program and through a network of Old Boys; assisting with career placement for a successful life after rugby.

Chicago Hope Academy is always looking for support from Lions fans and players alike, both financially and with coaching opportunities. For more information on how you can help Chicago Hope Academy, please contact Kevin Drewyer at kdrewyer [at] chicagohopeacademy [dot] com.